This is a collection of a few of our interests.

We’ve attempted to put together words and pictures of our more recent trips. The four months in Europe in 2007 has had photos added to the e-mails we wrote from Europe.  Similarly, the trip to Sun Peaks in early 2008 (e-mails with photos added) makes up most of the Skiing section. The one currently building is the Oz trips. These will be our A-Van trips plus.

We are both building our family trees and some of the work is shown here.

Geoff has something of an interest in writing and will attempt a Blog on various topics that attract his attention.

The netgm section is what is left (usually by request) of the netgm web-site.

We’ve built this site with iWeb (part of Apple’s iLife product) after a number of false starts with other applications. iWeb is extremely easy to use.